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Preparing to Make a Major Real Estate Decision in Lawrence, KS?

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If you're buying or selling property in the Lawrence, KS area, never sign on the dotted line without talking to a real estate attorney first. Real estate law can be complicated, but Scott Stockwell at Ad Astra Legal LC has the answers. Trust a local real estate attorney for all of your residential and commercial transactions, contracts and disputes.

Need reassurance before you make a major property investment? Scott Stockwell provides affordable consultations to ease your real estate law concerns.

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Real estate law contains everything from home purchasing to contract writing. You can trust Scott Stockwell for assistance with:

  • Natural Landscape paintingRefinancing

  • Property purchases or sales

  • Contracting writing or review

  • Title examinations

  • Title insurance

  • Easement disputes

  • Property taxes

  • Deed preparation

  • Mortgages

  • 1031 exchanges

Having a legal professional by your side during the contract writing process can be invaluable. Contact Ad Astra Legal LC today to leave nothing to chance.